Our History

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 For the past 25 years, Oaks & Acorns has been creating safe, healthy and fun learning environments where young and old alike give and receive life lessons in understanding, respect and compassion. Whether planting trees, cleaning up the beaches, learning table manners or engaging in the art of communication, Oaks & Acorns strives to be healthy, non-competitive, intergenerational and “safe” both emotionally and physically. We’re proud of our history as one of the first intergenerational nonprofits in San Diego.

a brief snippet of our history


  • 2019

– New Executive Director and new Program Director.  

– G. A. M. E. (Growing a Masterful Ecosystem ) curriculum workbook ,Workshop and the Courageous Sages Assemblies

  • 2018

– Mindfulness matters program begins 

  • 2017

–  Stone Soup Event with our new intern from San Diego State University

– “Community Cafe” at Unitarian Universalist   

  • 2016  

–  Working with both the Scout troops in San Diego – with more “Munchies & Programs” 

  • 2015

–  New Oaks & Acorns logo for the Facebook – a ‘Facebook facelift’ of sorts 

  • 2014

  “Always learning from each other – now I get it!” – learning how to use the cell phone

  • 2012 through 2013

–  A collage of our activities during the past 20 years 

  • 2011

– Received a certificate of appreciation from United Way of San Diego

  • 2010
– Oaks & Acorns secures new volunteer Executive Director, and Director of Educational Programs
– Celebrates 17-year anniversary as a Non-profit in San Diego
  • 2009
– Entitled Relationships Taking Root In Education with facilitators from the San Diego Process Arts Network (SDPAN)
  • 2008
– Created an intergenerational component at Innovations Academy
-The Outrageous Sages and other elders helping plant a garden at Joan Kroc Center
  • 2007
– World Café on “What’s Possible Through Volunteering”; Salvation Army Kroc Center
-A second “Connections Café” with SDSU interns – topic: Community Volunteering
  • 2006
– Dreyer’s Ice Cream and Oaks & Acorns participate in tree planting events at the Kearny Mesa     Convalescent Center and the DeAnza Child Development Center
– Sponsored 20 Child Development and Family Relationship student-interns from SDSU
– Partnership with De Anza Child Development Center & Kearny Mesa Convalescent planting trees     together and Dryers Ice Cream as our Sponsors
  • 2005
– Munchies & Manners – our etiquette and social skills program began
– Intergenerational High Tea at Lemon Grove Library
  • 2004
– Moved into new offices in Lemon Grove
– Collaborations with Lemon Grove Kiwanis club, Legacy Corps senior citizens
– Partnership with iMiRoR. – Social Venture Partnership
  • 2001
– The Great Oak Dialogues (now Coaches & Careers) program is created as a way for seniors to     enrich children’s lives by sharing their life experiences
  • 2000
– April 10, 2000 is announced as Oaks & Acorns day by the city council
– Oaks & Acorns take part in The Gold Diggers (Gifts of Loving Donors) annual “Hats Off to San Diego” luncheon and wins the Forty-niner award
Alannah Sinclaire participated in the Aging Summit and helped develop guidelines for intergenerational programming in the county.

Who We Are